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RNL80 34 & 28-Jet Model

Create lasting memories with family and friends in the Durasport RNL80, a model that comfortably seats up to 6 people. With its spacious seating and up to 34 top-of-the-line hydrotherapy jets, this spa is the perfect place to relax and make countless special moments. Learn more about the durability, variety and affordability of the of Durasport Spas by downloading our free brochure.

RNL80 34 & 28-Jet Model

Technical Specifications

  • Hydrotherapy Jets: 34 or 28-Jet Configuration

  • Seating: Up to 6 Adults

  • Spa Dimensions: 80″ x 80″ x 34”

  • Spa Volume: Approximately 350 USG

  • Ozonator: Included

  • Lighting: Underwater LED + LED Controls

  • Pump: 5 BHP (34-Jet), 2 BHP (28-Jet)
  • Voltage: 240v (34-Jet), 120v Plug & Play or 240v (28-Jet)
  • Heater: 4kw (34-Jet), 1kw/4kw (28-Jet)
  • Unique Features: Multi-port Jets + Ice Bucket/Lid + Water Shooters + Pillows

  • Cover: Vinyl Soft Cover included

RNL80 34 & 28-Jet Model

Color Options

Cobblestone/Espresso Faux Wood

Gray/Charcoal Faux Wood

Two-Tone Stainless-Steel Jets

The luxurious two-tone stainless-steel jets in the Durasport RNL80 hot tub provide a powerful and therapeutic massage experience. The adjustable jets allow users to customize the intensity of their massage, while the dual-speed motor ensures high performance and durability.

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Built-In Ice Bucket with Lid

Looking for the perfect addition to accentuate your luxurious spa experience? The RNL80’s Built-In Ice Bucket allows you to keep drinks and refreshments cool & close while enjoying the therapeutic jets and heated water of your brand new hot tub.

RNL80 Features

Multi-Port Jets

RNL80 Features

LED Controls

RNL80 Features

Dual Water Columns

RNL80 Features

Vinyl Headrests

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Experience the perfect blend of intimacy and therapeutic water massage in the Durasport RNL80. With a spacious 6-seater, accompanied by 34 high-quality hydrotherapy jets, LED controls, and more, you simply couldn’t ask for a more enjoyable hot tub experience. Learn more about the durability, variety and affordability of Durasport Spas by downloading our free brochure, and click the button below to get your very own Durasport RNL80.